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Transition Belper Mission Statement
Transition Belper is a group of local people whose purpose is to respond to the twin challenges of Peak Oil and Climate Change by developing resilience at a community level. Our object is to facilitate the creation of an Energy Descent Action Plan, and we will achieve this by :

    1. Increasing awareness and understanding
    2. Promoting change at a community and personal level
    3. Capacity building
    4. Resilience
    5. Facilitating visioning

This will be done in the context of community inclusiveness and ownership.

The Twin Challenges

Peak oil (and gas) is the point when the maximum rate of worldwide oil extraction is reached, after which the rate of extraction declines until there is none left.  Some people believe we are already at that point or very near to it.  The recent sharp increases in petrol prices are indicators of this change. The challenge for people in the future will be adapting with reduced availability and much more expensive oil; this will impact all elements of our lives, and it presents communities with the opportunity to work together to find solutions.

One strategy for a more resilient Belper is a more self-sufficient and sustainable community, with locally produced food, local energy generation and a ‘waste not – want not’ or ‘make do and mend’ attitude.

Climate Change is now talked about daily and we need to take action. Whether it is the promotion of local renewable energy generation (like the hydro power at the East Mill), helping energy efficiency efforts at home or supporting projects that will reduce the impact of car emissions – as a community we can make a difference.

Making a Difference

All are welcome to our monthly get-togethers at the Belper Strutt Centre (former Strutt School on the A6 - opposite Babington Hospital) - see the panel on the right for details of our next meeting Our meetings are a mixture of learning more about Peak Oil and Climate Change, learning new skills from each other (wherever possible in a fun way !) and socialising. With newly formed and activity groups working in areas such as Energy, Events, Arts and Crafts, Laying the Foundations (communicating the Transition activities) and Land Use you can come and join in whatever takes your interest or even help set up a new group. We just ask for a small donation to cover room hire and drinks.

We are also keen to talk to and work with other local community and official groups, to improve Belper’s understanding of the Peak Oil and Climate Change challenges, to jointly develop our Local Resilience (self-sufficiency) and to reduce Belper’s Carbon Footprint.




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We are a part of the Transition Network
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