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Volunteers' blooming great effort at station should impress judge
Derby Telegraph Friday 13th July 2012
A RAILWAY station described as an "overgrown wasteland" is being transformed into a manicured beauty spot to help boost Belper's chances of winning a national award.
Volunteers from eco-group Transition Belper are tackling legions of weeds to make the town's railway station picturesque again.

Seven community groups to spark surge in renewable energy
The Guardian 11th July
Winners of a new national competition that is seeking to energise the community-owned energy sector have been announced.
Seven UK communities have been announced as winners of a major new national competition that is seeking to energise the community-owned energy sector and bring about a clean energy revolution across the UK.
More... Plus a bit more in depth here...

Transition in Belper: The facts
Belper News Saturday 7 July 2012
A Belper group has powered its way to the top of a major new national competition designed to bring about a “clean energy revolution” across the UK.
The Community Energy Challenge - launched by The Co-operative - has confirmed Transition Belper as one of seven groups across the UK selected to share £200,000 of mentoring, enterprise development and technical advice.

Group recognised
Belper News Saturday 19 May 2012
A COMMUNITY group dedicated to tackling climate change has been shortlisted in a major new competition to showcase the nation’s energy champions.

Allotment scheme has divided councillors
Belper News Sunday 25 March 2012
A BID to transform a Belper car park into a community allotment has divided the town council. Environmental group Transition Belper wants to create a garden for people to grow vegetables, herbs and fruit in the car park at St John’s Chapel. A spokesperson from the group said: “There is a shortage of allotment space in Belper.

Plane crew's mission to reveal which homes are leaking heat
Derby Telegraph Saturday 18 February 2012
A HI-TECH plane equipped with heat-seeking cameras will soar over Belper to see the energy-efficiency levels of homes in the area.
The fly-past is being organised by energy campaign group Transition Belper as part of a new series of eco-projects it is undertaking in the town after securing £50,000 funding.

£50,000 grant will help energy efficient projects
Belper News Thursday 16 February 2012
A FORWARD-thinking group from Belper has won funding of more than £50,000 to carry out a series of energy efficiency projects in the town.
Transition Belper is one of 155 community groups in the UK to win a share of the Local Energy Assessment Fund (LEAF).
Winning the bid will allow the group to complete several projects to help accelerate Belper’s progress to becoming a lower carbon community, where energy supply is both secure and affordable, said chairman Ian Jackson.

Green group plans free lessons on low-carbon living
Derby Telegraph Tuesday 31 January 2012
FREE lessons on cycling, gardening and DIY are to be offered by volunteers as part of a campaign to encourage green living.
The classes are being organised by Transition Belper, a group which tries to improve the environment.
The group will hold a monthly workshop, where people will share tips on subjects like bicycle maintenance or craft skills.

National experts to work with town's green team
Derby Telegraph Wednesday, December 28, 2011
A VOLUNTARY green group in Belper has won government backing.
Transition Belper was set up by a group of volunteers who want to see the town become more self-sufficient.
The group promotes using energy produced locally and food from nearby farms, as well as a "waste not, want not" attitude.
Now national experts will be sent out to work with the group after it won backing from the Department for Energy and Climate Change, which received ten submissions.

Heritage 2012 is on the calendar
Belper News  Tuesday 13 December 2011
DATES have already been set for the Derwent Valley Mills’ Discovery Days Festival 2012.
This year’s event proved to be the most popular yet, with more than 12,000 people turning out over ten days.
Next year the festival will run from Saturday 27 October to Sunday 4 November – a bit later to accommodate the school half term.

Transition group move
Belper News  Friday 18 November 2011
PEOPLE in Belper have been learning how the River Derwent provides energy, thanks to the Transition Belper, group.
Alongside Jon Needle, of Derwent Hydro, the group has been spreading the word, with many people having no idea the river is used to generate green electricity.

Need advice on how to cut energy bills? Just go ask your neighbour!
Derby Telegraph   Wednesday, November 16, 2011
A SCHEME has been launched to urge people to pass on good energy advice to their neighbours.
Transition Belper has been set up by a group of volunteers who want to see the town become more self-sufficient.
This will include using energy produced locally, food from nearby farms and a "waste not, want not" attitude.
Ian Jackson, chairman of the group, said: "To train 71 people is our long-term goal, it will take us around a year to get to that number. We have teamed up with Groundwork Trust to work with people in the area, who don't have a gas supply, to fit them with energy-saving measures. We want to help everyone in the community be more energy efficient which will save them money and help the environment."

Something fishy for Transition
Belper News  Thursday 27 October 2011
A COMMUNITY group from Belper is helping co-ordinate a study of existing river barriers and fish movement.
Transition Belper – a group dedicated to tackling the twin challenges of peak oil and climate change in a local context – will conduct a survey in the Amber Valley area, which has 69 barriers and incorporates the River Derwent and River Ecclesbourne.

Belper group wants to taste the fruits of success
Belper News  Sunday 19 June 2011
A VOLUNTARY group from Belper is making tasty homemade jams for the town’s food festival – but for the job it wants to use fruit that has been grown locally.
Transition Belper, a group made up of local people who explore how to increase the community’s ability to withstand climate change, especially want fruit that would otherwise go to waste.
Maggie Braley, a Transition Belper volunteer, said: “We’re interested in hearing from people with large crops or forgotten patches at the bottom of their gardens or those overrun with fruit who don’t get round to using it all. “We’re looking for any fruit coming into season around now such as gooseberries, blackcurrants, raspberries and strawberries.”

Environmentalist heads to Denmark
Belper News  Monday 14 December 2009
A FORMER Belper teacher who has made a bid to transform Belper into an eco-town has travelled to Copenhagen to meet climate change protesters from around the world.
Marion McCartney, pictured, who taught at Belper School for 30 years, has travelled to the Danish capital in a bid to encourage more people to take action on climate change.
Before she went, Ms McCartney, 58, said: "We need to encourage the world leaders to make the best possible choices for the future of the earth.”

Former teacher leads call for Belper to be eco-champ
Belper News  Wednesday 7 October 2009
A FORMER teacher is urging people to become involved in turning Belper into a 'transition town'.
Marion McCartney, 57, of Whatstandwell, who used to teacher at Belper School, describes the project as a 'positive local response to climate change' and says it is about encouraging sustainable living.
A transition town sees people adapting their lifestyles to be more environmentally aware. Previous projects have included old and young communities coming together to plant vegetable gardens, and people getting together to find ways of saving money on utility bills. It is more than recycling paper, bottled and plastic, she said.

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