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Off Gas Scheme
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Off Gas help scheme

Transition working with Groundwork to help ‘off gas’ properties
Over the summer months most of us saw our electricity prices go up by around 12% and gas by almost 15% - but spare a thought for those who have no access to mains gas. The average dual fuel bill in Belper is now around £1,333 per year with £765 of this spent on gas cooking, heating and fires. Using other fuels for cooking and heating dramatically increases the cost. On top of spending £568 on lighting and appliances those ‘off gas’ households will need to spend another £400 plus using their electric cooker and at least £668 on fuel for their heating and hot water system. The average energy bills for these households will be at least £1,688 and could be as much as £2,767.

Of the alternatives for heating and hot water, a wood burner – with a back boiler - is the cheapest but even seasoned wood went up in price by 22% over the summer. There was some good news for those with oil heating as prices fell by around 6% although winter price rises in this sector are common. Smokeless fuel is more expensive than either oil or wood but nothing like as costly as using electricity which, at around 14.5p per kWh. is almost three times as expensive as gas.

Is it any wonder then that households without gas are far more likely to be ‘fuel poor’ and need to spend more than 10% of their income on energy to adequately heat their homes?

We’re helping out
Through Groundwork Derbyshire, Transition Belper have a limited amount of draught-proofing, radiator reflector panels and low energy light bulbs which volunteers will fit free of charge to up to 20 qualifying ‘off gas’ houses.
Five members attended a training session at Strutts on 17th November and are now able to give advice and fit a range of simple, low-cost energy saving measures to 20 houses with no access to mains gas. We have a further three volunteers who can ‘buddy up’ to help with the work and assessments.

At the Energy Group meeting at the Cottage Project on Monday 9th January we ran through the procedures and requirements again and allocated the nine applications between us.

By the end of January 2012 we’ll have helped make a difference – in a small but significant way.




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