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Groups - making great things happen
If you're passionate about a particular aspect of building a sustainable Belper then turn your passion into a Transition Belper Group. You can connect with like-minded people, discuss an idea for a new initiative, or find out how you can get involved.

Energy Group
Interested in reducing energy wastage, harnessing renewable forms of energy and thinking outside the fossil fuel box?  Find out more about the Energy Group or contact us at

Gardens Group 
We have a number of exciting projects . Find out more the gardening projects or contact us at

Travel and Transport Group
The Transition Belper Travel & Transport Group are extremely excited about enabling people in Belper to travel more sustainably, and the positive benefits this will bring to our health, our money and the environment. We'll be meeting up Monthly on 4th Thursday at 7.30pm except August and December - see the diary page for details.
Please get in touch - we look forward to hearing from you! Contact us at

Start a group
Whist we have members who are interested in arts and crafts, recycling, planning and heritage these subject areas don’t yet have groups up and running. There is a huge potential for people of similar interests to get together, form a group and go out and get things done in and around Belper. These are just some of the groups up and running in other towns:

“We try to get local authorities, local businesses, local residents & visitors to throw less away, re-use as much as possible and recycle what can’t be re-used. We organise Give or Take days when people bring stuff they don’t want and others take away what they do want. (It’s like Freecycle but in the flesh and more fun.) We hope to convert Wirksworth to a plastic bag-free town.”  

“We hope more people will start making or re-making their own things instead of buying everything new - it makes us more independent and it’s enjoyable and rewarding. We meet once a month, to learn from each other and to share skills and project ideas.
Some project ideas include: Skill share days; How to alter and customise clothes; Rag rugs, Spinning wool; Felt making; Bag making, Hat making; Knit and natter; Making a Transition patchwork or banners with snappy slogans; sewing machine maintenance....... And much more!”

Town Plan
“The law is changing to give local communities more of a say in how their towns and villages develop. The Town Plan group will try to make sure the best of Wirksworth is protected and that it grows in an organic and sustainable way.”

“The Wirksworth and District Community Growers are keen to encourage people to grow fruit, vegetables and flowers and we think it is important to grow more food locally, so that we are less reliant on imported and supermarket foods.
With the agreement of Wyvern Rail, we have begun to create a community garden at the top of the slope overlooking Wirksworth Station. Anyone is welcome to come –  to help or just to enjoy the garden. The garden work days are on the first Sunday of the month from 11 till 3.
We are working with Wirksworth Town Council to establish allotments in the town.
We are promoting the idea of garden sharing, where someone with spare garden space comes to an agreement with someone who wants to cultivate that space.”

Arts and Performance
“Performance - whether poetry, drama, mime or whatever - is a very effective way of getting our message across. We see it as a particularly good way on engaging children and young people, in learning about and preparing for a low oil, low carbon society. It is, after all, their future, and if we can inspire young people they will tell their parents!”

“The food group in transition Buxton is looking at a variety of possibilities that aim at reducing our dependence on food supplies from outside of Buxton or the surrounding areas.
With that in mind, we're currently looking at sites which might be able to be used for allotments, community orchards, community supported agriculture, either with the support of the local councils, or guerilla planting. The more local food we have, the more likely we'll be able to cope without the intensive energy requirements of large-scale agribusiness and the massive reliance on the import and transportation of food.
We're also interested in increasing the skills of people in Buxton at growing food. This translates to skill shares (bee-keeping, allotment gardening skills, permaculture techniques).”
These are just some of the ideas coming out of Transition groups around Derbyshire. If you’d like to be part of organising a group in Belper – or you are already part of a similar group – do get in touch and get the ball rolling.

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