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Green Deal
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The Green Deal 's full launch was on 28th January 2013. During 2012 Transition Belper have been asking "what does this mean for Belper residents and businesses and how will it all work?" Some of the results of that questioning are set out below but there remain many questions unanswered.

We would like to hear from local businesses who will be accredited installers or who are considering what this would mean for them. We'd obviously like to see local companies doing the work locally. We also know of at least one person locally who has undertaken the training to be a Green Deal Assessor/Advisor and would like to work with any others locally. If you would like an energy audit and Green Deal Assessment please email us and we'll put you in touch.

While we wait to see how the Green deal evolves we'll add useful links here:


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NEA Green Deal and Affordable Warmth project
Practical Assistance for local Communities

Transition Belper was one of only ten submissions in the country to be awarded support from National Energy Action and the only community group to be selected. The support we asked for was:

  • To help engage the enthusiasm and support of the community for Transition Belper’s ambitions and programme through community events and the distribution of leaflets or newsletters to every home
  • To develop a training programme for ‘energy expert neighbour’ volunteers
  • To help build relationships with energy providers and other Green Deal Providers to build Green Deal and ECO support packages tailored to house type, age and size and household vulnerability levels
  • To help build cross-referral relationships with Amber Valley Borough Council and their partner provider(s) in the areas of Green Deals, ECO subsidies, data collation, performance monitoring and planning advice
  • To work with us to further define our role, be kept up to date with current best practice and innovation and to help to keep the Green Deal, ECO, carbon reductions and fuel poverty objectives as a high profile issues in the community
  • To help us share our experience with other local groups in the area and other community groups, Transition groups, local authorities and DECC.

Nicky Swetnam from NEA has worked with us and has:

  • helped write a role description for our Energy Expert Neighbour scheme - see our EEN page
  • Given a basic energy advice training and an overview of the Green Deal at Transition Belper's February 2012 meeting. The meeting presentation is available on the presentations page
  • provided a 'Top Ten Energy Tips' sheet for use by EENs - available here
  • provided a briefing paper on the Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation - see our documents page

Transition Belper is worked with the charity, National Energy Action (NEA), to find out what local residents think of the government’s new Green Deal scheme which is due to start at the end of 2012. The Green Deal will provide a combination of loans and grants for heating, insulation and renewable energy to improve the thermal comfort of and reduce the energy costs of heating and running a home. 

Green Deal loans are based on the pay-as-you-save (PAYS) principle, specifically that the cost of measures can be repaid through the savings to fuel bills i.e. with no overall increase to your fuel bills. With the Green Deal there will also be an Energy Company Obligation to cover instances where PAYS does not apply, for example the cost of solid wall insulation would take a very long time to repay through savings on fuel bills or where households are having the greatest difficulties heating their homes.




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