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Energy Expert Neighbour
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Energy Expert Neighbours
Transition Belper are developing a network of energy expert neighbours to give free advice in their immediate area – around 150 houses. Volunteers will be given training and support to give advice on:

  • Metering and Monitoring
    • How to read your meter and convert to kWh, cost and CO2e
    • Smart meter loan scheme – currently via the library although a number of free monitors have been promised by British Gas
  • How to Save, Top tips – quantify typical savings
    • Boiler replacement
    • Heating controls – TRVs and thermostats
    • Pipe, tank and cylinder lagging
  • Insulation – alternative methods and typical savings
    • Roof - including loft hatches
    • Wall - including WHS/Conservation Area external SWI advice
    • Draught-proofing including double glazing
    • Under floor (wooden floors)
  • Behaviour Changes/Tricks
    • Use heavy curtains in winter
    • Close curtains at dusk
    • Turn off radiators in unused bedrooms
    • Keep doors to unheated rooms closed
    • Set PCs to standby when on but not being used
    • Switch off lights
    • Switch equipment off at the socket when not being used
    • Only boil as much water as you need in a kettle
    • Steam vegetables over pan being used to boil
  • What’s available (Warm Streets, Energy Supplier offers, Green Deal etc.)
  • Cost Comparison

Collate the data needed to use a reliable cost comparison web site and report back with recommendations and potential cost savings. As prices change the EEN could re-run the comparison and update recommendations.

  • Renewable Energy Advice
    • Suitability for solar pv/thermal – use of web tools to evaluate
    • Suitability for wood burner/ boiler
    • WHS and Conservation Area guidance

We eventually hope to have a network of 71 expert neighbours – one for each census output area or block of around 150 houses. This will take time but should build as follows:

  • 1 or 2 expert neighbours per ward – 4 wards = 4 to 8 people
  • 1 or 2 per lower super output area – 13 LSOAs = 13 to 26 people
  • 1 per COA – 71 COAs
  • EENs may share areas or agree between them where their boundaries lie

TSome training has already been given by Groundwork (see Off Gas Scheme) and NEA - see Green Deal. Further training will be available from Marches Energy Agency and NEA in March.

Green Deal
At least one person should be fully trained and accredited as an Energy Assessor to be qualified to issue Energy Performance Certificates and carry out Green Deal assessments recommending the measures to be installed through individual household Green Deal plans. The costs associated with these more formal assessments will be paid for by the Green Deal Providers as part of the funding package.

Be a volunteer Energy Expert Neighbour
The map of Belper shows the EEN areas – those in deeper colours are covered by our current six volunteers.
We are looking at a number of options for training volunteers but will eventually be able to offer our own training package that will cover:

  • Insulation and behavioural changes
  • Monitoring, fuel switching and web tools
  • Renewable energy, data collection and referral

We’ll also include the complex planning rules that are inevitable in an area of World Heritage status.

If you’d like to be part of this ambitious community project please get in touch. A full EEN Role Description can be downloaded here


Click here or on the map below to go to an interactive map


Map data © 2011 Google. Boundaries © 2011 ONS

The colours are the four electoral wards of Belper: Central (red), East (yellow), North (blue) and South (green). The darker areas indicate the areas currently allocated to Energy Expert Neighbour scheme volunteers.











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