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The Transition Belper Energy Group  held its first get together on 10th November 2011 at the Cottage Project on Chapel Street. Eight people came along armed with their last electricity and gas bills. We all listed the improvements we could make and this, together with costs and kWh figures, was fed into a rough and ready spreadsheet devised by David George to calculate bills after the prices rises as well as the costs and savings of making energy efficiency improvements.

Perhaps unsurprisingly those attending were all paying less for their energy than the average for their house type and size in Belper but there were one or two who could make significant further savings.

If you would like a similar analysis carrying out please complete the energy survey here and we’ll get the results back to you.

Presentation – Energy use and Carbon Reductions
David gave a presentation of all the available data around energy use, carbon emissions and the housing mix (house types, sizes, ages etc.) and what needs to be done if Belper is to meet a proportional share of the UK’s 2020 carbon reduction targets.
The presentation can be found here.
This was the first sections of the Energy Use and Carbon Reductions to 2020 report that will form the basis of our Energy Descent Action Plan.

The draft report and its statistical appendix can be found here

Other initiatives
The Energy Group are also looking after the Energy Expert Neighbour scheme and the Off Gas help scheme in association with Groundwork Derby and Derbyshire.

We are also looking at funding and support bids:

NEA Green Deal and Affordable Warmth Programme

Transition Belper was one of only ten submissions in the country to be awarded support from National Energy Action and the only community group to be selected. The support we asked for was:

  • To help engage the enthusiasm and support of the community for Transition Belper’s ambitions and programme through community events and the distribution of leaflets or newsletters to every home
  • To develop a training programme for ‘energy expert neighbour’ volunteers
  • To help build relationships with energy providers and other Green Deal Providers to build Green Deal and ECO support packages tailored to house type, age and size and household vulnerability levels
  • To help build cross-referral relationships with Amber Valley Borough Council and their partner provider(s) in the areas of Green Deals, ECO subsidies, data collation, performance monitoring and planning advice
  • To work with us to further define our role, be kept up to date with current best practice and innovation and to help to keep the Green Deal, ECO, carbon reductions and fuel poverty objectives as a high profile issues in the community
  • To help us share our experience with other local groups in the area and other community groups, Transition groups, local authorities and DECC.

DECC Local Energy Assessment Fund (LEAF)
We have just won a bid for funding that would include:

  • Fitting internal solid wall insulation to a small house in Belper to act as an occasional show house
  • Commissioning an outline feasibility study of the potential for further hydro-electric schemes on the River Derwent and its tributaries locally
  • Commissioning a desk-top study to assess the potential for solar pv panels on every building in Belper and making the results available online
  • Commissioning an aerial thermal survey of Belper to assess the relative heat losses – mainly through roofs – of every building occupied at the time of the survey. Again, the results will be made available online
  • Holding public meetings to disseminate the results of the studies

The value of the bid is just over £50,000 and will give us the opportunity to take a major step forward in engaging the wider community in slashing carbon emissions.

If you’d like to join us on this journey do get in touch.


photo - John Beardmore demonstrating a thermal image camera

John Beardmore demonstrating a thermal camera


Photo of Energy Group members Ian, Richard and David at the 2011 Christmas Fair

Members of the energy group ready to give advice at the Christmas food fair.

photo - some of the Energy Group on a visit to Torrs Hydro in New Mills

Energy Group members on a visit to Torrs Hydro at New Mills

photo - Energy Group members visiting Torrs Hydro in New Mills

Energy looking at the reverse Archemedes screw hydro generator at Torrs Hydro

photo - giving advice to Heage Windmill

Giving advice to Heage Windmill

photo - taking thermal images on a cold February nightTaking thermal images on a cold February night

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