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Crafts and Skills
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Quilts from old shirts

Patchwork quilt made from old shirts by Ali Clark.

Rag rugging demonstration

Rag rugging demonstration by Barbara Goodall.


There are a number of Transition Belper members with arts and crafts skills and talent. Barbara Goodall’s craft is ‘rag rugging’ and there have been gatherings at Barbara’s home to share skills, ideas and tips. Another creative member is Ali Clark who has produced some wonderful bed throws from old shirts – see pics.

After the January Transition Belper meeting the Facebook site was buzzing with ideas for a monthly skills workshop with a different topic each month. The suggestion was for a Saturday at Strutts. Here’s some of the Facebook posts exploring the idea:

Ali: I’ve just been to the transition meeting and every time I  mean to say this...

I would like to start a regular transition skill share event at the Strutts community building once a month on a Saturday, where a session is given freely or very cheaply by someone with a skill that will help others towards a lower carbon lifestyle e.g. bicycle maintenance/ and old craft such as spinning/ rag rugging/ fruit tree pruning/ how to raise seedlings/ jam making/ how to 'up cycle' old things into a new purpose, mending tools, build your own dynamo hub wind generator etc. etc.

If anyone is interested in meeting up to get this going in any capacity (promotion/sharing your skill/booking the venue etc.) please get in touch. The core group may have some ideas about how this fits in with other transition things going on and when is the best time to get it going...any suggestions anyone please.

Contact Ali Clark

Anna: That sounds like a great idea. Mending electrical appliances would also be good, although I appreciate that would take a bit of organising! I'll probably start thinking of other things as well now!
Ali: All ideas are good, searching for the skilled people will come later I expect. I want to offer a spinning wool session for a kick off
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